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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will Q&A Run on Windows 7 Computers?

A. Sadly, the true answer is no.  Q&A has reached it's lifespan.  There are some computers running Windows7 (32 Bit only) on which you can get Q&A to 'run' but not reliably.  Printing will be almost impossible.  Screen size will be a problem.  Memory allocation will be very poor and therefore so will large reports, merging, labels, etc.  Just using the Q&A database on Windows 7 can cause lockups, screeching sound cards, and inability to save records.  In other words, the reliability is not there even if you can get it to run.  Sadly, this also applies to many newer desktops and laptops even running XP.  If you are using Q&A in a Business environment it is TIME TO MOVE ON!  Your best solution will be to look at Sesame Database Manager -  

Q. What versions of Q&A are Y2k Compliant?

A. All versions are Y2k compliant. The only requirement is that you format all of the date fields in all of your databases so that they display 4 digit years instead of two digit years. In Versions 4.0 and 5.0 for DOS, you can also apply the Y2kFix patch to make sure that all of the file listing screens display the date properly after January 1, 2000. There is an article, and the patch, available to you at

Q. Is there a Windows 9x or Windows 2k/XP version of Q&A?

A. All versions of Q&A will run properly in both versions of Windows. They must be installed and set up properly. The Q&A program files, temporary files and database files must be kept on a hard disk partition of 1.9 gigabytes or less. Large hard drives can easily be partitioned by using Partition Magic or Partition It without any loss of current programs or data. Large partitions can also be addressed by using the software solution available by using This information and the lesspace program are available to you at

Q. Will Q&A for Windows run in Windows 95 or Windows 98? What about 2000 or XP?

A. Yes. The data must be installed on a hard disk partition of 1.9 gigabytes or less. Large hard drives can easily be partitioned by using Partition Magic or Partition It without any loss of current programs or data. is not applicable to Q&A for Windows. For XP or 2000 users, they will have to get the NTFIX.EXE patch from John Dow at

Q. Will Q&A run on fast Pentium systems?

A. Yes, all of our versions will run on fast Pentium machines. With Q&A 5.0 for DOS, you will have to apply the speedfix patch which is already installed in any of the program CD's we supply. 

Q. What is the latest version of Q&A that you have available?

A. We have Q&A 4.0 for DOS, Q&A 4.0 for Windows, and Q&A 5.0 for DOS. All will run on Windows 9x, 2000, or XP based PC’s.

Q. What are the differences in the different versions of Q&A?

A. Q&A 4.0 for DOS is the basic Q&A for most users. Q&A 5.0 for DOS has additional features that are mostly applicable to major application designers. These include:

Q&A for DOS (both versions) are somewhat limited in printer selection, but cover most of the basic laser and dot matrix, as well as the older ink-jet printers. Q&A for Windows will address all Windows printers, but lacks three features of Q&A for DOS. These features are:

Q. Is Q&A network capable?

A. All versions of Q&A are networkable in Windows, Novell, and Lantastic networks. On Windows NT Server networks Q&A will also work with the following provisos:

Q. Why won’t my Q&A for DOS print to my network Printer?

A. On the workstation on which Q&A is installed, the network printer must be set to “Capture” a printer port such as LPT2 or LPT3. Q&A must then be set to print to that particular printer on the port that is the captured port. This is done in the Utilities, Install Printer selection, or in XP using the Net Use command.

Q. I have an older version of Q&A (version 2 or 3) and I want to upgrade to a newer version. Will I still be able to use my old data?

A. If you are upgrading to Q&A for DOS version 4.0 or Q&A for Windows, just make sure that you have a backup of your latest files and then open them in your new version. They will be automatically updated with no loss of information. If you are moving up to version 5.0 for DOS, because of all of the newer features, you must take some steps prior to the upgrade to make sure that your old data is 100% healthy. These are easy things to to, such as selecting design a database and pressing F10. We will include a complete set of upgrade instructions with version 5. After you take these steps, you do the same as with 4.0 and all of your old data will now be available.

Q. Is there any way I can run a combination of both the DOS and Windows versions of Q&A?

A. Yes. You can have your databases accessed by both Q&A 4.0 for DOS and Q&A 4.0 for Windows – or – by both Q&A 5.0 for DOS and Q&A 4.0 for Windows. This will give you the best of both worlds – all of the DOS features and full Windows printer support. In addition, you will get the full capability of the free-form report module in Q&A for Windows. An upgrade patch is required for either combination. The one for Q&A 4.0 for DOS is available on our downloadable files page - qaup.exe. The one for Q&A for Windows comes with the Q&A 5.0 for DOS installation.

Q. I am trying to install Q&A for DOS on my new computer and keep getting a “Divide Error”.

A. You are trying to install the program on a hard disk partition larger than 2 Gigabytes. The drive must be partitioned before the installation or you need to get our special installation CD.

Q. I am trying to run a copy of Q&A 5.0 on my new computer and it will not start properly. What is happening?

A. You must apply the speedfix patch to make Q&A 5 compatible with you Pentium processor. It is available at no charge from

Q. What is a network pack and how do I use it to make Q&A available to more users?

A. A network pack is a patch to the Q&A program that converts it from a single user version to a multi user version. Each netpack gives you three additional users. You must also own a single user version to which you will apply the pack. After the pack is installed, you will be allowed a total of four users running Q&A at the same time. Each additional pack will add another three users (7, 10, 13, etc). If you own the network pack, you may run the legal number copies of Q&A by installing it either on a network server, or by installing individual copies on individual workstations.

Q. I have lost my passwords to my database. Can you help me?

A. If you can substantiate ownership of the database and will supply us with a copy of the database and a notarized document stating you ownership and the reason for the loss, we can unlock the database for $90/copy

Q. I need design help. Do you supply that type of service?

A. We have been designing major applications in Q&A for over 17 years. That is our primary business. We will be glad to evaluate your needs and supply design or consulting services to you on a fee-for-service basis. Our hourly rates are among the most reasonable in the industry and will vary, depending on the level of effort, from $75 to $125/hr.