Lantica Software began shipping Sesame on December 15, 2003. 

The product has received rave reviews from those people who took challenge and tried the new product. The features are well beyond what were originally hoped would be attained. 

Any software product particularly a new one is only as good as the documentation package that comes with it. Unlike so many other software makers that supply a skimpy or no printed manual and minimal online help, Sesame will ships with a substantial printed documentation package. We are every bit as dedicated to providing first-rate documentation as we are to providing a database management product of exceptional quality. At four printed manuals comprising the documentation package are bundled with Sesame:

In addition, Sesame also has a set of sample applications that users will be referred to    and be able to interact with throughout the documentation. This set of sample applications continues to grow.

All of us at Lantica Software are energized by reactions to our revolutionary database manager. We are confident that when you receive your copy of Sesame, you will find that it was well worth the wait.

Product features include:

Sesame is priced as follows:

Full client/server package with single-user license
and printed user manuals
Multiuser client licenses (1-24 additional users)* $109
Multiuser client licenses (25+ additional users) CALL
* Price is per user. Requires installed single-user client/server package



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