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Y2K Sample Programming

If you are running Q&A versions 4.0 or 5.0 and follow the instructions on the site, you will have no problem with Y2K. You will have to enter all 4 digits of the year into date fields rather than just "00" to keep the date math working.  Or you could program the date fields and add a statement to take care of two digit entries like this

>#10:If  #10 < "1/1/1944" Then
#10 = @td(@str(@lt(#10,4)+100)+"/"+@str(@mid(#10,6,2))+@str(@rt(#10,3)))

(substitute the proper field number for the #10).  This assumes that you want every date before 1944 to be converted to the 2000 format.

This programming allows entry of dates in two digit format, which will be automatically formatted to four digit 2000+ dates, assuming that you have selected a proper date format and that the date entered with 2 digit year results in a date before January 1, 1944.  In other words, an entry of 2/4/06 will be converted to 02/04/2006 upon leaving the field.

Remember, you have to add this to all date fields with a different field #